Our mission is to promote and preserve Detroit’s electronic music legacy, harnessing its cultural influence
to empower our community through innovative programs in education, the arts, and community reinvestment.


Detroit stands as the epicenter of Techno Music, an influential musical movement that emerged in the 20th century. Through groundbreaking innovations in technology, DJs pioneered a fresh musical genre, which continues to influence and shape contemporary electronic music.

The legacy of Detroit Techno parties embodies a genuine folk tradition. Knowledge was transmitted through word of mouth and recorded phone messages provided directions to hidden venues, long before today’s digital documentation. These venues often existed in transient spaces, from rundown industrial areas facing demolition to clubs that appeared and disappeared overnight. Additionally, the white label dubplates of iconic tracks would deteriorate with each play. All these elements contribute to the risk of losing our rich history over time.

The Detroit Techno Foundation is dedicated to safeguarding this valuable heritage through education, promotion, and preservation efforts.